Cool Links

Childnet International, the charity which campaigns for kids’ safety on the net also run the Childnet Awards. They are fantastically wonderful people and have had 111 trees planted through the Cool Kids project.

Planet Patrol is written by kids, for kids. Started by three Australian kids who realised that most of their friends don’t know how to help our planet.

“We want kids everywhere to write stories for the website so that eventually it will be owned by kids who care everywhere. We want to motivate kids to get up and get things started just like we did,” said Imogen.

If you are a flexible, bendy person, like me, check out the Hypermobility Syndrome Association website for information and support from fellow ‘bendies’.

The UNEP International Children’s Conference on the Environment is held every two years. For young environmentalists aged 10-13. The last Conference was held in New London, Connecticut USA on 19-23 July 2004. The next will be held in Aichi, Japan 26 – 29th July 2005.

Wildlife Watch is the best and largest kids’ environment club in the UK. There are lots of groups throughout the country. Find out where your nearest group meets from your local County Wildlife Trust or from 01636 677711

Get involved with the science of climate prediction. is a project to run models of the earth’s climate under many different conditions. Download a model onto your computer and help scientists establish an accurate forecast of what climate change will really mean.

Chikyu Kids Network links children’s environmental groups all over the world. Find out what other groups are campaigning on the same issues as you – get in touch and share ideas.

CREATE The Centre for Research, Education and Training in Energy has information on energy efficiency and sustainable development on its website and through a newsletter for schools and communities

Give your environmental message a little colour and paint a mural with The Art Miles Mural Project. The Environmental Mile was started at the 2000 International Children’s Conference on the Environment in Eastbourne, England, and contains murals painted by children from ALL over the world. The whole mile (+) of art will be donated to the Planete Exploration (the first children’s environmental museum) in Geneva.

The British Trust for Ornithology is the organisation which is studying the problems that swallows have when they migrate from South Africa to the UK and back.

The Eco-Portal is a big index of all environmental websites. Use their search engine to find information on any environmental topic. Discuss environmental issues on their Earth Talk forum.

Climate Concern UK UK-based campaign group, specifically focussed on bringing attention of the general public to the climate change problem and to encourage reductions in energy consumption – The Comprehensive Kids Directory For all websites aimed at kids